The Cantina Girlan is represented by the Chairman’s Committee elected by the cooperative members and presided over by Helmut Meraner, who acts in the members' interests, guides the Chairman’s Committee and acts as an intermediary between the Chairmanship, the administrative body and the winery manager. The cooperative's supervisory body is represented by the board of statutory auditors and by the General Assembly of members that convenes once a year. In contrast to how other wineries might be organised, here every member - regardless of the size of his vineyard - has the right to one vote: this ensures that everyone has equal rights.

President Helmut Meraner info@girlan.it
Managing director Oscar Lorandi oscar.lorandi@girlan.it
Winemaker Gerhard Kofler gerhard.kofler@girlan.it
Assistant winemaker Manfred Bernard manfred.bernard@girlan.it
Administrative manager Helmut Strumpflohner helmut.strumpflohner@girlan.it