Gschleier Vecchie Vigne Vernatsch "Vintage"




Alto Adige DOC

Production area

Gschleier is located to the north-west of Cornaiano, upon a Morenic hill that is 430 m high, characterised by gravelly, argilo-calcareous earth. The mild temperatures prevalent in this area are more or less unique to Cornaiano, inasmuch as Gschleier is one of the few production areas facing south. The name, “Gschleier”, refers to a an ancient, Roman garrison, which saw the light again in 1950, together with all its finds, including the remains of ancient walls, Roman coins, etc.


After carefully choosing the grapes and a late harvest, the must is fermented, in compliance with tradition in steel vats for fifteen days.  Lastly, the young wine is left to age for ten months in large wooden barrels and, then, for a few months in bottles. Today, production is around 20,000 bottles per year, but only when the year has been a good one.

Tasting notes & food matching

There are hints of cherries and woodland berries, as well as the perfume of ripe strawberries, which go to exalt the elegance of its flavour.  A considerable concentration of velvety tannins is both complex and lingering when closed, and guarantee the true pleasure of drinking it.

Production area Cornaiano
Grape varieties Vernatsch
Serving temperature (°C) 12-14°
Yield per hectare (hl) 55
Alcohol content (VOL%) 13,6
Total acidity (g/l) 5,3
Residual sugar (g/l) 1,9
Ageing potential (years) 10