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Cornaiano (Girlan)

Girlan is a small village with 2,200 inhabitants, located 448 m above sea level and surrounded by the gently rolling hills where wine has been grown for centuries. Towards the north, the Alps protect our grape vines from the cold wind. The south opens out onto the vast Valle dell’Adige, meaning there is a beneficial influx of the Mediterranean climate. The dry, sandy, and stony soil consists of morainal deposits rich in minerals left over from the last Ice Age. Heavy temperature fluctuations between day and night – especially in the autumn – give our wines a fine, distinct bouquet, and enhance their durability.

Situated not far from Bolzano, amidst gently rolling slopes, sunny and still tranquil on the Monte di Mezzo between San Michele and the Valle dell’Adige, at an altitude of 450 to 550 meters above sea-level, lie the majority of our vineyards in Girlan. The soil is gravelly and argillaceous and low in nutrients. The gentle winds waft through the vineyards which – depending upon their orientation – are cooler or warmer. These are the ideal prerequisites for a wide range of grape varieties. The unique characteristics of our terrain enable us to produce incomparable wines having a distinctive and pronounced character. In particular their mineral, fresh, and clear structure and authenticity set them apart.