Making wine
is like telling a part of our life story.
But we need to see ourselves in the deep-rooted values of the area around us... understand its natural and social environment...
...and to respect its origins and traditions.
A journey from the past to the future.
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A journey from the past to the future.

Making wine is like telling a part of our life story

For us, making a wine is a journey that goes from the past to the future, leaving a deep impression on the present.

Girlan – first mentioned in historical documents dating back to A.D.1085 – has always been a famed wine-growing area. The vineyards are located at altitudes from 250 to 550 m above sea level, in different soil types that form an ideal environment for growing numerous native and international varieties. Besides the location, the vintner, too, is an important factor. Our winemaker, Gerhard Kofler, maintains a close and personal contact with our wine-growers. This exchange of information and experience is the cornerstone of our continuous efforts to produce quality wines.


The unique characteristics of our vinicultural environment mean we produce unmistakable wines, with a clear-cut character and strong personality, relished for their fresh minerality, their clear structure and authenticity.

Cantina Girlan

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When speaking of terroir, the focus is on the key role of the soil. Nevertheless, the term does not only refer to the vineyard's soil properties.