Cantina Girlan

Via San Martino 24
I-39057 Cornaiano ((BZ))
South Tyrol - Italy
VAT Nr.: 00124770215


Tel. +39 0471 662403
Fax +39 0471 662654


These premium wines are sourced in the best sites of the production area of Oltradige and Bassa Atesina and are subject to strict quality control standards. The layout of the vineyards, local climate, gradient of the slopes and soil properties are all closely analysed and matched with the specific requirements of the single grape varieties so that each variety can fully express its potential and varietal character. The wines are distinctive for their fruity flavour, full body, elegance and finesse as well as their great ageing potential.

Their uniqueness is emphasized thanks to individually designed labels by the Southtyrolean artist Paul Flora.