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South Tyrol - Italy
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Wine tradition since 1923

Our winegrowing tradition, dating back to 1923, stands out for its ability to look to the future with foresight while maintaining a strong awareness of our rich past.

Cantina Girlan was founded in 1923 in an ancient farmstead from the 16th century. Back then 24 winegrowers laid the foundation stones of what was later to become the winery we see today. The walls, steeped in ancient tradition, and the labyrinthine corridors of the cellar harbour the secrets of state-of-the-art winemaking technology and hold the ideal conditions for ageing our wines.

Today, about 200 greatly committed and motivated winegrowers and their families farm an area covering about 230 hectares of vineyards in the best production areas of Oltradige and Bassa Atesina. Our enologist, Gerhard Kofler, keeps in close personal contact with the winegrowers and provides his professional advice during the growing season. This beneficial exchange of expertise sets the foundations for producing highest quality wines.

We pursue the following main objectives: we seek, on one hand, to showcase and promote the historic local grape varieties and on the other, to create impressive characterful wines using international grape varieties yet keeping them closely connected to the land. This is all achieved while respecting nature's flow and rhythms.


Pinot Noir

A story of passion & dedication

Starting from the 1980's, the presence of this grape has increased from the initial 20 hectares to the current 40. Thus, Pinot Noir has become the undisputed protagonist of the winery's production, as well as the subject of studies and detailed analysis.



We cordially invite you to become better acquainted with us and our wines. In our own tasting rooms, you can taste all of our wines and chat with our experienced experts.



Dedicated to the aging potential of our premium wines

CELLAR RESERVE wines age in our underground cellars under perfect conditions. Year after year, we select vintages of our best wines that show optimal drinking maturity. Together with his team, winemaker Gerhard Kofler controls every single bottle and only if they meet our strict quality requirements, they are recorked and sealed with the exclusive CELLAR RESERVE-capsule. 

This is how we guarantee the quality of these wines. 

CELLAR RESERVE wines are intended for our superior gastronomy-clients.



VIGNA GANGER Pinot Noir Riserva
CURLAN Pinot Noir Riserva
TRATTMANN Pinot Noir Riserva
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