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Today’s Gschleier district was originally the site of a Roman garrison, the remains of which (old walls, Roman coins, etc.) were discovered in 1950. Since 1975, a very special wine has been made here from the Schiava/Vernatsch grapes native to the Gschleier district (to the northwest of Girlan).

This robust, full-bodied wine pressed from our local Schiava/Vernatsch grapes is by no means to be confused with the ordinary light Schiava/Vernatsch grapes from the Alto Adige. Without mineral fertilizers and without artificial irrigation, these 80 to 100-year-old Vernatsch vines yield low harvests of only about 50 to 60 hectoliters per hectare. Gschleier is situated at an elevation of 450 meters above sea-level, atop a moreinal hill in whose soil limestone, gravel, and clay predominate. It is one of the few wine-growing areas in Cornaiano/Girlan with a southern exposure, and enjoys a warm micro-climate.