Cantina Girlan

Via San Martino 24
I-39057 Cornaiano ((BZ))
South Tyrol - Italy
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A historic winery



1923 - 2023: 100 years Cantina Girlan
We are more than 100!

Today, 200 winegrowing families cultivate 220 hectares in the best production sites of Oltradige and Bassa Atesina with great commitment and motivation.

The wines are among the most awarded in the region and available in more than 30 countries worldwide.


The historical administrative building of Medieval origin was almost entirely uncovered by demolishing an extension from a later period. In this context, the courtyard acquired new grandeur thanks to effective lighting solutions. 

A new building was added to the older one, knowledgeably echoing the lines of the ancient façades and, compared to the older buildings, it is presented with an architectural language that is as discreet as it is modern.



Winemaker Gerhard Kofler, on the left next to the former president Helmut Meraner, recognizes the unique potential of the "Ganger" vineyard in Mazzon and produces for the first time the single-vineyard wine Vigna Ganger Mazon Pinot Noir Riserva 2012 - according to the Italian Vigna-guidelines.

1980 • 1975 • 1961

1980 • Cantina Girlan increasingly focuses on Pinot Noir and launches for the first time the new signature wine Trattmannhof Mazon Pinot Noir.

1975 • Quality pioneer Hartmuth Spitaler recognizes the unique potential of the Gschleier cru and produces for the first time the single vineyard wine Gschleier Alte Reben Vernatsch. A long lasting collaboration with the famous South Tyrolean artist Paul Flora regarding the design of the labels starts.

1961 • Winemaker Valentin Spitaler produces a selection of the best Vernatsch grapes in honor of the 950th anniversary of the city of Villach (Austria) and names the wine after the barrel in which the wine matures over months: Fass Nr. 9 (barrel no. 9).



24 winegrowers with a total vineyard area of 25 hectares join forces and found Cantina Girlan in a historic farmstead from the 16th century. The founding chairman of the cooperatives is Johann Kofler Krautschneider.