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Light-Weight bottle
From 2024 lighter bottles and a significant reduction in CO2 emissions

Girlan becomes greener

Starting with 2024, Cantina Girlan will be greener thanks to a precise and careful choice that will focus even more on that desire to produce wines linked to the land while preserving natural resources and the time dictated by the earth. Starting with the first bottlings of the 2023 vintage, in fact, all of Cantina Girlan's production lines will gradually begin to use 410 gram bottles, decisively reducing CO2 emissions into the environment. 

The transition to the lighter format will be gradual and will take place over three years, leading to the complete replacement of the entire production, which averages 1.8 million bottles. It will start with 70% in 2024, rising to 90% in 2025 and 100% in 2026. All back labels will feature the 'Light-Weight-Lower Carbon Footprint'-logo to protect the winery's commitment to consumers and fans of Girlan wines. 

"The decision to use this new format with a lighter weight," explains Oscar Lorandi, President of Cantina Girlan, "is a choice we have been pondering for some time and now the time has come to put it into practice. After an internal study to understand and quantify our impact on the planet in terms of carbon emissions, we decided to make our desire tangible to the consumer with a precise solution that has greater respect for the earth, because there is no quality without sustainability".

According to estimates and data compiled by the Raiffeisenverband Südtirol and the Ökoinstitut, the South Tyrolean institute that has been accompanying companies along the path to sustainability since 1989, the environmental benefits achieved by Cantina Girlan with the reduction in bottle weight will allow a tangible and important reduction in CO2 emissions during glass production and bottle transport.

29.76% reduction in CO2 emissions

In 2024, a 29.76% reduction in CO2 emissions is estimated, thanks to a reduction of 228.07 tonnes of CO2 equivalent: this is the same amount of carbon dioxide stored in almost 0.6 hectares of forest or that emitted by a car after 1.37 million kilometres driven

The new bottle specially created for Cantina Girlan will be used for all the lines ("Classici", "Vigneti", "Flora" and "Solisti"): with its neat and aesthetically elegant design, it allows the wine to age perfectly, is durable and with a colour that provides excellent protection from outside light.