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11 Feb 2019

New: 448 s.l.m. Vernatsch

Published in News

With 448 s.l.m. Vernatsch, our 448-family has a new member. Next to 448 s.l.m. Bianco, Rosè and Rosso, this Vernatsch is the fourth wine. Together they form the basis of our assortment.

In future, the 448 s.l.m. Vernatsch will replace the Vernatsch and the St. Magdalener from the Classici range. "With this step we want to strengthen the traditional grape Vernatsch within our production. This 448 s.l.m. Vernatsch is definitely a modern interpretation of the variety.”, explains the winemaker Gerhard Kofler.

"If you are looking for top-quality Vernatsch, you will find it with our Fass Nr. 9 and in particular with Gschleier Alte Reben. In the basis, we present with the new 448 s.l.m. Vernatsch a unique and versatile product that will stand for uncomplicated Alto Adige wine pleasure!", predicts the general manager Oscar Lorandi.