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16 Jan 2017

The Vernatsch Gschleier is 40 years old!

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Gschleier is located to the north-west of Cornaiano, upon a Morenic hill that is 430 m high, characterised by gravelly, argilo-calcareous earth. The mild temperatures prevalent in this area are more or less unique to Cornaiano, inasmuch as Gschleier is one of the few production areas facing south.

The name, “Gschleier”, refers to a an ancient, Roman garrison, which saw the light again in 1950, together with all its finds (including the remains of ancient walls, Roman coins, etc..).

From 1975, the Schiava/Vernatsch grapes cultivated in the Gschleier area have given rise to a very particular wine.  This full-bodied wine, which is produced from the grapes in local Schiava/Vernatsch vineyards, has nothing whatsoever to do with the traditional, light Schiava/Vernatsch wines from South Tyrol.  Our wine, which is the fruit of ancient vineyards, has become the Schiava/Vernatsch, par excellence, and has always exalted its very special and marked potential for ageing.  Grown without the use of mineral fertilisers and artificial watering systems, Schiava/Vernatsch vines, which are between 80-100 years of age, have a modest yield of between 50 and 60 hectolitres per hectare.

The characteristics sketches made by the south tyrolean artist, Paul Flora, have embellished the Girlan cellar’s labels since their launch back in the 1970’s.  To mark this significant anniversary, Schiava/Vernatsch “Gschleier” shall be marketed in its original 1976 version.