Cantina Girlan

Via San Martino 24
I-39057 Cornaiano ((BZ))
South Tyrol - Italy
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24 Nov 2015

Vigna Ganger: Painstaking site selection at Cantina Girlan.

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Cantina Girlan has built up a leading position as a Pinot Noir producer – with wines of great character and remarkable elegance.

In the last few years, Cantina Girlan set itself still higher goals and conducted a search for a single site capable of producing an outstanding Pinot Noir combining an international standard of quality with the authenticity of the terroir. The choice finally made was a monopole site by the name of Ganger, home of the Pinot Noir Riserva Vigna Ganger. This is a great wine, which will be available in a limited edition of only 2,186 bottles as of 1 December 2015.